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Catchword Corner

October 2007

Springing into life

Spring is here and daylight saving is upon us. I feel warmed and energised after long winter months. I come out of hibernation ready to throw off gloomier days, to embrace colour and light again.

It amazes me, as I poke around the garden, to find forgotten bulbs pushing up, to see new shots on dead sticks and tender, green, shiny spikes surviving under  layers of slimy old Autumn leaves.

The earth renews its self. Oh wonder of wonders and how I delight to see new growth.

BUT along with the joys of spring come wily weeds, wormy things that eat leaves and buds, and slimy slugs and snails. (A friends from Florida remarked a few days ago "I love New Zealand. You have no snakes, scorpions or alligators.") What have I got to complain about after that line up.

Life goes in seasons and I see some of my friends have dried up like winter twigs and some are fallen trees as heart attacks, strokes, cancers and illnesses lay them down, and some wear the pain of lost children gone astray and some carry financial burdens and others are just tired of a dreary life.

BUT doesn't something miraculous happen when spring returns? The air is different. The light is different. The colours are different. HOPE makes all the difference,  springing up eternal in the human heart.  Hope to renew my body. Hope to restore my soul. Hope to refresh to my spirit.

Spring is here and I wholeheartedly enter into this season and cycle of life.

Hosea 6: 3-4 "So let us know, let us press on to know the LORD. His going forth is as certain as the dawn; And He will come to us like the rain, Like the spring rain watering the earth."