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Hello. My name is Edith Morris. This website is a place to find information about polio and Post Polio Syndrome for people who had polio, family members and carers. The items are selections I have gathered from a variety of other sites, my own observations and experiences on my polio journey, and polio news from within New Zealand. Some of the insights I gained from my time as president of Polio NZ Inc (2008-2014) will be offered as opinion pieces from time to time.


JEGA: Interview on TV Central

"It's never too late to learn" was the theme of our conference, and learn we did. Jega, a physiotherapist from Perth, was the main speaker and we were caught up in her energetic and informative sessions as she expounded with great passion on various aspects on the late effects of polio.

What Polio Survivors Want Their Health Care Providers to Know

Hear first-hand from the survivors of the great polio epidemics of the ‘30’s, 40’s and 50’s about the problems they have now developed years later. Expand your understanding of Post Polio Syndrome. Pick up some important, practical—even life-saving--tips about how to deal with some of the major concerns Post Polio people face. From the creators of "Faces of Polio in the USA"

Published on Sep 30, 2014

JB Munro inducted into the Attitude Hall of Fame
On 3 December JB Munro was honoured as one of the pioneers of the Disability Sector by being inducted into the Attitude Hall of Fame at the Attitude Awards Ceremony which was then broadcast on Sunday 7 December.  JB was introduced by Lions Foundation's Simon White, with Robert Martin giving a tribute and presenting the award.

JB Munro has had a major executive role in Polio NZ Inc. We join in adding our congratulations. This is a fitting recognition for his decades of dedication and service, not only to Polio NZ but to a wide range of other Disability organisations.

ILLNESS TAKES TOLL: Susan Kerr still suffers post-polio syndrome, experiencing a range of new problems, from deteriorating muscle function, breathing and speech problems to unusual fatigue.
Read this article from the Marlborough Express here

"Vaccination Wars"
– article from GOOD Magazine
Takes a look at Polio's history, epidemics, Post Polio Syndrome, and vaccination then and now. The section on PPS is from an interview with Edith Morris, former President of Polio NZ. Download PDF here:

World Polio Day 2014
To mark World Polio Day, Edith Morris, former president of Polio NZ Inc, travelled to the central North Island town of Matamata (aka Hobbiton). She shared her polio experiences at the local Rotary Club dinner on October 21, and encouraged them in the continued global eradication of polio.