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Hello. My name is Edith Morris. This website is a place to find information about polio and Post Polio Syndrome for people who had polio, family members and carers. The items are selections I have gathered from a variety of other sites, my own observations and experiences on my polio journey, and polio news from within New Zealand. Some of the insights I gained from my time as president of Polio NZ Inc (2008-2014) will be offered as opinion pieces from time to time.

Show your Ability
Feb/March 2016
23rd - Auckland - ASB Showgrounds
24th - Hamilton – Claudelands Events Centre
25th - Palmerston North – Arena Manawatu
29th - Christchurch - Pioneer recreation and sport centre
March 1st - Dunedin – Edgar Stadium

Waikato Show
8th to 10th April 2016

Claudelands Events Centre, Hamilton

Polio NZ Waikato will have a stand

It's a wonderful life
My journey with CCS Disability Action

I was deeply honoured to speak at the Waikato CCS Disability Action’s event to celebrate 80 years since the founding of their national organisation. Sixty five years ago I began my polio journey with CCS and part of my presentation was to show how it was interwoven with their history.

I was even more humbled when my story was picked up for the National Fund Appeal for CCS Disability Action, and thousands of letters were sent to every corner of New Zealand. Included in each appeal letter was a card, and several hundred were sent on to me from people who wanted to share their own story in a few lines. Some had polio, some had disabled family members and many wanted to comment on my story and to wish me well.

It all started with me wanting to say “thank you” to CCS Disability Action for all they had done for me over the years. It was a wonderful delight for me to have inspired so many others with my story.

You can read the appeal letter with my story here.